One India Girl Review: Chetan’s Take On Feminism

I guess we are all set for yet another Dramatic Book by the Youth icon of our Country, Chetan Bhagat. In this new Fiction Chetan presents his views on feminism, which is a powerful evocative and important topic these days. Be it history, politics or Rastafarianism, Chetan has a view about everything and that he crafts into words that tend to lure the readers.

One Indian Girl Review

One Indian Girl Review

One Indian Girl is a story about a young smart and successful woman, who because of her virtues finds it difficult to get love. The book questions the Indian society on the grounds of their mentality and morality.

Since a very long time Chetan wanted to write a book on Feminism, perhaps that was a huge challenge for a male writer. Yet we see that Chetan could not actually be restricted by any obstacles and he came out with this amazing piece of work and appeased the audience. It almost took him a decade to start with this book and finally when it reached the readers it hit a great success. He wanted to write this book to bring clearly in the society the idea of equality of men and women which every time is faced with a question.

One Indian Girl begins with a Punjabi family and a wedding occupied scene. For the very first time, Chetan’s novel has a female narrator going through bold revelations yet totally confined to the script. One Indian girl is a journey into the mind of an Indian woman. It connects us to the protagonist and narrator Radhika, whose monologue is funny yet highly relatable. Radhika, highly educated finds it difficult to get a groom for her because of the patriarchy prevailing in the society. Her break-up with her boyfriend, since she earned more than him clearly proves Chetan’s point. The realisation strikes again when the Goldman Sachs vice-president is told by her lover/married boss he did not see her as a “maternal” figure. Faced with such situations, Radhika metamorphosis throws in another emerging pattern, the woman has to move out of the confines of her country and out of the watchful gaze of the Indian society to discover herself. On the contrary, Radhika’s mother and sister the stereotypical Indian women often justified the society’s claustrophobic walls.

On one side we see shattering of Radhika’s love life and on the other side, her professional life taking a sky rocket success.

ONE INDIAN GIRL Positive Reviews On Amazon and Flipkart:

Praveen gives 5 stars to the book and highly impressed with it said, “This novel is fun to read, a lil bollywood style though, and yes it’s a kind of Indian Style , don’t compare it with International Novels. , it will surely make you stick to it till the end with full curiosity.”

Bipeen finds the book one time read and said, ” Chetan bhagat , as usual writes scripts for films , but first in the form of book. Now this time, he is aiming to be a Hollywood author. Complete insight of a highly educated, Bold, beautiful, forward, expressive, IIMA graduate roaming around the world making friends, falling in love with them, getting dejected…Twists and turns with graphic details of how a female feels from within when she is being loved, cared and thrown out by males..”

Sarajit a Flipkart buyer liked the book very much and commented, “Why all of u giving 1 star. This book is available in just 1 rupee so its a 5 star product. The big billion day is back”

Vijay kiran also loved the book and she shared her views saying,” What a tough indian girl . Curiosity plays a great role in this narration…though i like it …nice book …i want all of u to experience the the way i got this book just for 1rupee. Nice delivery from flipkart”

ONE INDIAN GIRL Negative Reviews on Flipkart and Amazon:

One Amazon customer finds the book a total rubbish and commented, “I deeply regret pre ordering and reading..same mash up of his previous books with a new word added. Called feminism. .”

Tejaswini finds the book boring and disappointing and quoted, “The story felt like an extended Bollywood script and it felt a little dragging. Novelty is missing and the way it ended is certainly disappointing.

Overall book is rated 4.5 on Flipkart based on 700+ ratings and 3.1 on Amazon based on 394 reviews.

One Indian Girl Critic Reviews:

HindustanTimes Review:

The novel can be best described as a slight anomaly from the ordinary. By the end, it’s like an advertisement theme song you don’t care about, but one that you can’t stop humming. But Bhagat’s status as a bestselling author may compel his huge readership base to spark a dialogue on feminism and equal rights. Even though it falls short of making real impact, it may just be a beginning. Read full review here

MeotherWise Review:

Surely Chetan Bhagat may be no great writer, but his Bollywood inspired writing does make him a fairly decent story teller.  Worth a one-time relaxed read ‘cause when you do finish that last page and close the book, you are left behind with a smile — and thinking. Read full review here

FirstPost Review:

In essence, what Pink movie does in a dark, thriller format, One Indian Girl does in a frothy, melodramatic manner. Read full review here

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